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3A vs Bitcoin: Video


Bitcoin is digital property, it makes it the perfect asset for retirement. It is less risky than bonds, stocks, commercial real estate and gold. People that buy BITCOIN want to give it to their grand children. In america BITCOIN is now involved in the 401k plan, which is similar to the second/third pillar in switzerland.

3A vs Bitcoin: Text


+ tax savings

+ securities up to 97%

+ investment managers

+ income security

+ death lump sum

- fixed duration

- capital is bound and can only be used in certain      cases

- 5% yield over 30 years -> no tax savings after          capital taxes

- illiquid

- investment costs on whole capital




+ best performing asset

+ best technology

+ liquid/fast

+ energy friendly

+ global

+ secure

+ life insurance

+ high adoption rate

+ no hidden costs

+ save against inflation

+ save against devaluation of fiat

+ can be stopped anytime

- volatile


Most people in switzerland do not analyze the 3rd pillar well enough. They are fooled by tax savings in the short term. Fact is though, that starting from 5% returns there are no tax savings left if you calculate the capital taxes that must be payed.


Also, 3rd pillar solutions work close to 100% with equities and demand from 0.4% to 1.7% of investment costs over the WHOLE invested capital. Which results in huge hidden costs. Having capital bound for over 30 years is not clever in the volatile 21st century.

To have an insruance for your income security is a plus as well as death lump sums, which can be done separate from saving plans.

To any one that does the homework BITCOIN will result as the far superior asset for long term saving. It's volatility comes with a great surplus of it's dominant performance.

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