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If you want to preserve your financial energy we have had a couple of solutions for a century:

Cash is trash. Loses around 7% depending on country is seizable and infinitely expandable

Bank accounts have negative yields, transfers are slow, not possible on weekends, after 5 pm and are seizable

Gold loses 2% of it's value a year, is unfit for fast transfers or transport and has been seized in every country in the last century

Equities have counterparty risks, can not be transferred easily, yield of ~10% is not enough nowadays

Property has tax obligations, maintenance costs, risks of expropriation and are illiquid.

Bitcoin is harder, faster and stronger than any asset in human history. It is the first container for socio economic energy that does not leak! It is the best performing asset of the decade and has grown to a trillion faster than any brand ever.

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For english speaking clients every

Michael Saylor talk is a must

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Für Deutsch sprechende Kunden empfehle ich die Videos vom Blocktrainer

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