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How bad we need Bitcoin

Aktualisiert: 1. Dez. 2022

In switzerland the hardest working people, often immigrants, get drenched out even though almost having nothing. By not understanding the system, and putting trust in the person of expertise, they make a welcoming food. In a world where everyone is out for their own profit, not always because of evil deeds, but most often because we must, such a person will be crushed by the forces of the turning wheel of an economy that is drowning in its own fecals.

First, you will find yourself in an under payed job, working overhours end on end. Then the insurance man will sell you the shittiest coverage for 5 years and tell you it is mandatory. You hope to create a future for your family in a stable country so you accept the torture. The few cents you have left will be recommended to put aside. It‘s a safe bet, granting you huge capital for your pension! The wheel turns on you and while others are making a fortune you crawl for life.

The money you were able to painstakingly put aside is yet another hoax, and the faster you can look they jinx it away, making it worth less by the year, disapear by the decade.

Now, of course we can say that at least you get food on the table, a living place and a job. There are people far worse off. True so! But if such misdeeds are happening in one of the richest countries on earth, imagine how horrific the scenario in the others must be.

So how is bitcoin going to help? Why are we cheating on our next ones? What makes it that i value my own benefit greater then the others? Can we even imagine a world where we treat each other equally?

When the medium we use for exchange is crippled it does the same to our values, we start living in a world of corruption.

It all comes down to our understanding of values. Value of course relates to monetary worth. And this is where we must look for the mischief. When the medium we use for exchange is crippled it does the same to our values, we start living in a world of corruption. Sound money will lift our consciousness up to paradies, by understanding this simple connection.

What is the worth of raising consciousness? It is of highest importance of course and must be protected and sustained by all means!

-- Monade

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